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Eyebrow Styling Gel – Transparant

The Eyebrow Styling Gel keep eyebrows in good shape - in just two steps. The comb strokes into ...
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Butterfly Effect Mascara – Beautiful black

The Butterfly Effect Mascara fans out lashes for a sensual look. The innovative butterfly brush combines 3 effects ...
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Deep Darkness Mascara – Intense black

Die Deep Darkness Mascara mit mineralischen Farbpigmenten in mystischem Tiefenschwarz schenkt den Wimpern unwiderstehliche Farbtiefe. Die Textur mit ...
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Front Row Curl Mascara

The Front Row Curl Mascara makes every eyelash curler superfluous. The perfect combination of the vegan liquid texture ...
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Volume Mascara

The volume mascara offers natural volume and is an everyday companion - for naturally thickened lashes. Its vegan ...
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Illuminating Eyeshadow Quattro

The colour shades of the Eyeshadow Quattro sets perfectly complement each other and are easy to apply. The ...
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